008A: QFX: CloudCon 2020
July 08, 202026:0818.06 MB

008A: QFX: CloudCon 2020

#008A QFX: CLOUDCON 2020  Airdate: July 8, 2020  This year, Pride Events were canceled nationwide because of COVID-19. Enter QFX: CloudCon 2020 - the first and ONLY queer convention out there. Giving you everything that an in person convention could, from games to fan/guest panels, an...

008: Live From QFX: CloudCon! – An Interview With Mandahla Rose
July 01, 2020
01:00:1341.47 MB

008: Live From QFX: CloudCon! – An Interview With Mandahla Rose

#008. LIVE FROM QFX: CLOUDCON! - AN INTERVIEW WITH MANDAHLA ROSE  Airdate: July 1, 2020  From artwork to diverse performances that grace our screen, Mandahla Rose is a chameleon. She graciously offered her time for an interview during QFX: CloudCon this past week. We discussed her art...

006: An Interview With Holly Winebarger
June 03, 2020
50:4835 MB

006: An Interview With Holly Winebarger

#006 AN INTERVIEW WITH HOLLY WINEBARGER  Airdate: June 3, 2020  Our first ever interview is with Holly Winebarger, a woman we admire for her strength, tenacity and her drive to help create safe environments for the Queer Community. She was one of the founders of ClexaCon, the mind beh...

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