018: Mandahla Rose Returns
November 25, 2020
43:2129.89 MB

018: Mandahla Rose Returns

#018. MANDAHLA ROSE RETURNS  Airdate: November 25, 2020   What better way to cap off the Month of Mandahla than with an interview with Mandahla Rose herself? Forever Fangirls is honored to have the talented artist back to discuss the 5th anniversary of All About E and a lot of be...

009: Kevin Bachelder: The Man, The Myth… The Earper
July 15, 2020
01:14:4951.5 MB

009: Kevin Bachelder: The Man, The Myth… The Earper

#009. KEVIN BACHELDER: THE MAN, THE MYTH... THE EARPER  Airdate: July 15, 2020  Kevin Bachelder is a sci-fi fan at heart. Being the fangirls that - well - Forever Fangirls are, we had to talk to this Buffy/Earper and get to know the man behind the twitter account. What we found was a ...

006: An Interview With Holly Winebarger
June 03, 2020
50:4835 MB

006: An Interview With Holly Winebarger

#006 AN INTERVIEW WITH HOLLY WINEBARGER  Airdate: June 3, 2020  Our first ever interview is with Holly Winebarger, a woman we admire for her strength, tenacity and her drive to help create safe environments for the Queer Community. She was one of the founders of ClexaCon, the mind beh...

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