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FanFusion UK

A convention company based in the United Kingdom, they host varying events for the LGBTQ+ community. To the Rescue & FanFusionUK 2 are upcoming events in 2024. Go to their website for guest information and to buy tickets now!

Sweet Nightmares

Formerly Kindness Untamed, Sweet Sapphic Dreams continues to create unique items representing the LGBTQ+ community. From the website: Celebrate the sappic experience through the creative lens of Yinan.

Secret Service Singers

Picture this; a waiter that will not only bring your food to you & be with you throughout the day but, when the time is right, blasting out some killer tunes! We're not your standard singing waiters. We're your Secret Service Singers! We will stealthily blend into your venues staff unknown to your guests. We make every event one-of-a-kind! When guests run out of steam, a wedding breakfast/party can become an absolute snooze-fest. Not when we are in the house! We break the ice & ignite the dance floor, turning your day into a date to remember! Our event rocks eight toe-tapping tunes, each with a distinct groovy vibe! Trust us, once the music starts, your guests will be on their feet, shaking their hips & moving to the beat like they have never done before!

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