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I also think of Tiny Toons whenever something says go down the hole. Love this.

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Witty, Funny and Great to Listen Too

I adore this podcast, it not only has witty banter between the host, but the content knowledge is on point with which they discuss. I also love how truthful, honest and genuine both the host are in their discussions. I can listen to them all day.

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A podcast for adults

Is my subject line too much? Maybe. But I really enjoyed your more nuanced review /podcast of Wynonna Earp'ds return. Too many fancasts make me feel like I'm crashing a teenage sleepover - inside jokes that are never explained, sweet gushing recaps of every element of the show, giggling effusive comments on the sexiness of actors, and an annoying tendancy to use the word "like" in every sentence. I love to hear enthusiasm, but I also prefer a podcast that makes me think about what I've watched and perhaps gives me some insight into the story and the filmmaking process. I didn't intend to write a critical review of other podcasts but I finally feel like I found hosts who I can relate to and who look at the show with a more detailed eye. I like hearing speculation on plot twists and that you're not afraid to point out elements of the show that are inconsistent or simply don't work. (Such as how exactly did Nedley get injured in season 4/episode 1). Keep up the good work.

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